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Duties and Responsibilities
• Hiring, Terminating, Training and employee performance evaluation for QCM, CCWI, CGI & RMMC Coaching employees to improve their personal life and work performance for motivation
• Recruiting staff – this includes developing job descriptions and person specifications, preparing
vacancy advertisements, checking application forms, short listing, evaluating and selecting candidates.
• Developing and implementing policies on issues such as working conditions, performance management, equal opportunities, disciplinary procedures and incident report
• Advising Immediate Superior on career development, work matters, industrial matters, and personal problems.
• Preparing advertisement and notices for vacant positions in the organization
• Attending job fair and other HR activities and Company events
• Submission of Tardiness Summary Report, Evaluation Attendance and Performance Evaluation Summary to the Immediate Superior
• Monitoring of Performance Evaluation for Regular every 6th & 12th of the Month and/or before ending of casual contract
• Assist to facilitate and organize the Company Activities and other related program or events


1. Graduate of Management
2. BS major in Psychology or Human Relation Management or any related course
3. Certification in Training & Seminars during employment or OJT


Experience Required & Knowledge
1. At least 1 year experience in the same capacity
2. A good understanding in handling all facets of human resources function
3. Proficiency in computer programs
4. Male or Female, Single or Married



1. Graduate or College Level of Business course or Marketing level
2. Male or Female, Single or Married
3. With Pleasing Personality
4. Basic understanding of sales principles and customer service practices
5. Can handle multi-tasking


Duties and Responsibilities
• Speaks to the customer/s with respect, uses courteous language and in pleasant voice all the time
• Greets, smiles the customer/s upon entering and leaving the store premises
• Responds to the customers with enthusiasm, great confidence and promptly
• Quality of work is dependable and ensuring work are accomplished within the day which easily deal with pressure and stress in quantity of customer at the store
• Assess customers needs and provide assistance and information on product features
• Persuading customer to buy the product and informing product’s specification and other info of the item or product.
• Identifying customer needs and directing them to an appropriate product of customer’s needs




1. Graduate or Undergraduate of Business course or Marketing level
2. Can handle multi-tasking
3. Male or Female, Single or Married
4. With Pleasing Personality


Duties and Responsibilities
• Maintain ongoing and proactive communication with Accounting Department about new arrivals, order overages and shortages, and delivery delays.
• Ensuring good treatment as possible and attentively in providing customer’s attention or inquires with sincere interest to serve
• Clean display cases, shelves, and aisles
• Compare merchandise invoices to items actually received to ensure that shipments are correct.
• Compliance with designated inventory levels and help prevent run-outs


Experience Required & Knowledge
1. Customer Service Oriented
2. With exposure in customer service
3. Atleast 1year experience as Stockman
4. Easily deal with customers/clients
5. Can think out-of the box
6. Able to meet target or quota per month




1. Graduate of Business courses or any related Marketing course
2. Single or Married, Male or Female
3. Willing to work in Pasay main office and willing to do field work


Duties and Responsibilities
• Able to visit clients every day to various private companies and/or Hotel etc. for existing and/or new clients
• Telemarketing; should be able to call different prospective client and/or follow up
• Establish regular and effective communication between clients and operations
• Maintain and seeking potential clients to spread out the product within the assigned areas
• Helping the accounting to follow-up client’s collection
• Attend trade shows, mall expo or Wofex to entertain client’s inquiry and concerns
• Conduct product demo, presentation and product sampling to the prospective client/s
• Understand the competitors market and share all competition information with management.
• Prepares and submits monthly sales productions or sales reports
• Performs other related function that may be assigned by the sales department head


Experience Required & Knowledge
1. Preferably with atleast 6 month experience in the same field or fresh grad can be considered
2. Familiarity on different client approach and strategy
3. Product knowledge experience is a plus


*Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply*
You may reach us at email add. or visit our office at #882 Pacific Continental Compd. J. Aguilar St. CAA Road, Pamplona 3, Las Piñas City.

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