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207N Grinder


Product Name: big fly horse ghost teeth grinding machine

Mechanical Dimensions (L x W x H): 35 x 20 x 54 cm

Mechanical weight: 11.7 kg

Package weight: 13.4 kg

Horsepower: 1/3 HP



E37S Grinder


The Ceado E37s is a huge improvement from the previous model especially in terms of the motor. One thing that coffee lovers will initially notice will be the modified shallow and small body; however, it also comes with an unbelievably large hopper that is practically twice the size of the height of the grinder.

It is also armed with the most recent technology in the fields of coffee brewing such as the control system, which eliminates the building up of static electricity and creates a precise and evenly ground coffee.

The spout of the Ceado E37s short hopper has also been renovated in order to promote precise and consistent dispensing. If you are planning to buy ceado e37s, this guide will walk you through the things that you need to know about this coffee grinder.



E6P Grinder


he Ceado E6P is an electronic, doserless, stepless coffee grinder suitable for home or commercial use. Under 20″ tall, the E6’s compact design belies its high performance components and features that allow it to keep pace in commercial environments, even with two group machines. Like all Ceado grinders, the E6 is NSF approved, making it suitable for both home and commercial applications.

For their doserless model, the E6P, Ceado has taken their intelligent design one step further with the adjustable portafilter catch. Mounted on the front of the machine, the portafilter catch can be raised or lowered to accommodate portafilters of varying sizes and heights. For truly hands free operation, the catch is built with a small lip that actually locks the portafilter in place while grinding, eliminating the need to hold it in place while your coffee is dispensed. As an electronic grinder the E6P features two time programmable dosing buttons for both single and double shots.



E7 Grinder


Ceado is a popular, uprising Italian manufacturer that is already a tough competitor in the market with their top-notch quality, reliable machines that combine impressive feature lists with revolutionary technology. They have introduced the E7 Semiautomatic Grinder that is a greatly desired machine among coffee prosumers for its ability to produce a reliable, consistent grind. Impressive features include a quiet motor, durable steel grinding burrs with stepless adjustment, clever doser design and a large capacity hopper. This machine is perfect for the home but can also be used in light commercial settings.

Not only is this grinder fortified with a powerful 400 watt motor, but Ceado has delivered a product that is so quiet it will put other pricier grinders to shame. This grinder is built with a mechanically suspended motor that is sound-proofed allowing this machine to boast a 30% reduction in noise compared to its competitors.


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