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With its heavy scent and unmistakable aroma, coffee is part of our daily lives, from breakfast to business meetings to get-togethers with friends and colleagues. For many of us it is one of life’s essentials, a veritable ritual – without realising that behind every little cup lies a whole world of discovery.

Have you ever asked yourself, for example, how a professional coffee machine is made? To answer this question the cult television programme How it’s Made, produced in Canada since 2001 and available in Italy on the Discovery Channel, visited the Wega coffee machine factory in Susegana, 30 miles north of Venice. With a covered area of 20,000m2 and four production lines, the Wega site is the biggest espresso machine factory in the world, with a production capacity of 70,000 units. 

For a whole day the Italian company, the world’s leading producer of professional coffee machines – and whose authentic Italian credentials underpin its success – gave the team from the famous docu-reality programme full access to its staff and expertise, revealing the secrets and the technology behind the creation of a professional coffee machine.


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