We provide valuable workforce for people passionate about coffee.


We provide quality products from our fresh coffee beans to our flavorful syrups


We provide carry-in and on-site services 

for coffee machines



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Conlins is a competitive company providing full services from coffee roasting, machine services, distribution and more – we provide all coffee needs. We entered the market to address the need to provide top quality coffee and flavored syrups at a reasonable price to the local market. After searching for the best raw materials from around the world, we have already established ourselves as the premier source of excellent coffee and flavored syrups to compete with top imported brands. Presently, we are leading in the specialty coffee roasting industry, being the exclusive customized coffee supplier to local five-star hotels and resorts, coffee chains and restaurants. Our Flavored syrups are also competing very well against famous brands, and continue to grow to this day.


The quality of our


We highly value the freshness and quality of our coffee beans to make sure we deliver the best taste and aroma suitable for everyone.

The quality of our


We have created a purely tasteful flavored syrup line that captures the essence of different flavors to add a twist into your drinks

The quality of our


To complete your coffee experience we have stocked a variety of equipment and machines for you to try at home or for your business

What makes us


Conlins successfully acquired another coffee roasting company in Metro Manila, effectively doubling the monthly roasting capacity. With each facility fully capable of roasting 30 to 40 metric tons of coffee per month, we are one of the biggest specialty coffee roasters in the Philippines. Even with the acquisition, we constantly update our equipment with the latest technology related to the coffee and syrup business. This constant change is what makes Conlins unique, as we always find solutions for you no matter what the challenge is.

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